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QDCF Air-Cooled Fluid Condenser

CAPACITY : 65-2,890 MBH


Quantech™ QDCF Air-Cooled Fluid Coolers for commercial and industrial cooling is flexible in its design to be used with water or glycol.   This adaptable fluid cooler is available in 22 standard model sizes and built for outdoor installation.  Rated for the concentration of glycol that will be used.  The QDCF features air-sides that operate dry, requiring minimum maintenance and avoiding pump and water piping installation, except for fluid-sides.

  • Quiet Operation with low-speed, high-efficiency fans, flexible configuration from 1 to 12 fans per unit
  • Use for free-cooling applications
  • Reduced water maintenance industrial fluid cooling and closed-loop alternative to cooling towers  
  • Energy efficient flexible configuration from 1 to 12 sections produces optimum number of rows at low face velocity meaning low horsepower required to give maximum BTU per hp
  • Flexibility with 22 models with a wide variety of optional features
  • Multiple circuits at no additional cost, the panel includes single point non-fused disconnect, motor fuses, contactors, and control transformer
  • Manifold kit
  • Fan cycling by liquid temperature
  • VSD-ready motors
  • Epoxy coated condenser coils
  • Sealed conduit for fan motors wiring

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