Air-Cooled Chiller Systems – Frequently Asked Questions | Quantech
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About Quantech Chillers

Q . I have never heard of Quantech chillers. Are they new?
A .

Quantech chillers are a line of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers available exclusively through the independent rep channel. Quantech chillers are manufactured as part of the Johnson Controls product portfolio in manufacturing plants in North America. All chillers are AHRI certified and meet other industry-wide standards such as ETL, UL, and ASHRAE.

Q . Is the Quantech chiller the same as a YORK chiller?
A . They are similar. The new Quantech product line is based on multiple synergies across Johnson Controls’ product portfolio, including over 145 years of engineering excellence in chillers. That experience ensures that Quantech chillers are built with the most important, intelligent features and start off with a track record of exceptional efficiency and reliability.

Q . Can I buy a Quantech chiller from my local Johnson Controls branch office?
A . No. Quantech chillers are available only from Quantech reps and their service/design-build contractors.

Quoting and Pricing Questions

Q . What is the lead time for made-to-order and stock availability?
A .

In-stock chillers are typically shipped within 24 hours and delivered in no more than four to five days from receipt of the purchase order.

Built-to-order QTC2 and QTC3 chillers typically require a six-to-eight-week lead time, and made-to-order QTC4 and QWC3 chillers require an eight-to-ten-week lead time

Q .

What is the availability of QTC4 screw chiller models up to 360 tons?

A . Some smaller screw chillers may be stocked, but others will be made to order with an eight to ten week lead time.

Q .

What kind of product selection software is available?

A . The YORKWorks product selection software can be used for both stock and build-to-order chillers. Stock lists are being distributed for stock chillers.

Q . Can Quantech assist with pricing and selecting a chiller?
A . Yes – in the short term we can provide pricing and submittal documentation for any chiller opportunities that you uncover.

Q .

How are made-to-order chillers priced?

A .

Made-to-order chillers are priced in the YORKWorks software.  Work with your local rep for specifications and pricing. 

Q . Is the freight cost included?
A . Yes – freight is included in both the stock chiller and made-to-order pricing.

Q . How are orders placed?
A . Orders can be placed through Quantech Customer Service.
Q . Where do the stock chillers ship from?
A . Stock chillers ship from San Antonio, Texas.

Q . Where are the chillers manufactured?
A . Chillers are manufactured in Johnson Controls’ Monterrey, Mexico, plant.

Product Questions

Q . What is the capacity range of the Quantech offering?
A .

QTC2 – 15 to 35 tons

QTC3 – 40 to 230 tons

QWC3 – 50 to 200 tons

QTC4 – 150 to 360 tons

Q . What type of compressor is used?
A .

QTC2, QTC3, QWC3 – multiple scroll compressor

QTC4 – dual variable speed screw compressors

Q . What refrigerant is used?
A .

QTC2, QTC3, and QWC3 use R-410A (environmentally friendly, zero ozone depletion potential)

QTC4 uses R-134A (environmentally friendly, zero ozone depletion potential)

Q . Are single or dual refrigerant circuits utilized?
A . All chillers have dual independent refrigerant circuits, with the exception of the 15-35-ton QTC2 chillers.

Q . What type of evaporator is utilized?
A .

QTC2 and QTC3 use a brazed plate evaporator.

QTC4 uses a falling film shell and tube evaporator.

Q . What type of condenser is used?
A .

QTC2 uses a copper tube and aluminum fin style condenser.

QTC3 and QTC4 use a microchannel all-aluminum design.

Q . What is the minimum ambient temperature at which the chiller can operate?
A .

QTC2 can operate at 32°F standard or at 0°F with the low-ambient option.

QTC3 can operate at 32°F as standard or at -10°F with the low-ambient option and variable speed fans.

QTC4 can operate at -10°F ambient as standard.

Q . What is the maximum ambient temperature that the chiller can operate?
A . 125°F for all models.

Q . What is capacity modulated?
A . A QTC2 and QTC3 – stage on/off each scroll compressor QTC4 – a variable speed drive modulates compressor speed

Q . Are corrosion resistant coatings available for the condenser?
A . Yes.
Q . Can the chiller be integrated in to a BAS (Building Automation System)?
A . Yes. BACnet, N2, and Modbus protocols are standard on the QTC2 and QTC3. They are an option on the QTC4.

Q . Can pump packages be provided?
A . Yes, on built-to-order chillers. Single and dual pump packages are available. Armstrong pumps are used.